Futuristic Decadence


Futuristic Decadence is a collection of knitted smart textiles featuring shape memory alloy applications. Colours, shape and textures are inspired by the aesthetic of the Decadent movement in the arts that developed in Western Europe during the 19th Century.

The decadent ideology was a cult of Art and Beauty, and an exaltation of extravagance, illusion and sensual experience. The collection is a contemporary interpretation of this aesthetic, and the mood is inspired by the themes of melancholy, gloom, seduction, urban sensibility and minimalism. The absurd and imaginary artificial world were central subjects in the decadent literature.

Moreover, decadent artists shared the dissatisfaction and disillusion with nature, and supported its replacement by artifice and technology. Hence my intention to work with smart materials and reinterpret the decadent influence in a contemporary context.

The fabrics are presented as an interactive installation, as they  move according to the distance of the viewer. In fact, the shape memory alloy wire incorporated is activated by a sonic distance sensor, a low voltage battery and programmed through Arduino.

The project aims at emphasising the connection between wearer and fabric, through the creation of an interaction between the body and the material.




Shape Memory Alloy applications in action (trial)

(Using: Shape memory alloy wire, Sonic distance sensor, Low voltage battery, Arduino)