Wearable Sculptures

Clay and fabric sculpture

clay 2

Pliability, in two forms: one malleable, the other inflexible. Modeled on soft fabric and transformed by heat, clay emerges reminiscent in structure, but, in opposition to the original, with new rigidity.  In the ceremony, a textile becomes a sculpture, and following the transfiguration, a sculpture becomes a textile. Reflective of change both personal and political, Wearable Sculptures materialises the process of hardening—the impressionable becomes brittle, the formerly receptive now unyielding. From a perspective of familiarity, the sculpted form maintains consistency with the former self: gravity obeyed, patterning unchanged. Only through an interaction with the new self is another perspective made known. Fundamental laws are broken and new patterns defy the old—a former fabric dissolves and a recognisable yet unfamiliar frame emerges.

clay 1

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